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Double reinforcement seam floor

Model: 500*600
No: 130202

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Plastic flooring


Double reinforcement seam floor

★ Surface frosting treatment: surface frosting treatment, increase friction, anti-slip and anti-fall.

★ Perfect fit of card slot: both sides of the leakage plate are installed card slot according to tooth seamless docking, more firm joint.

★ Easy cleaning: the high pressure water gun can be used to wash the cleaning machine, no cracks, not easy to collect dirt.

★ Thickened double reinforcement: double bearing beam design, bearing weight: experimental test more than 400kg block, can be at ease stocking.

★ Anti-warping function design, safer use.


Product details


Installation and use


Specification parameter

Number Specification Remarks
130202 500*600 Hanging ear at 600
130203 600*600 Hanging ear at 600
130201 400*600 Hanging ear at 600
130205 700*600 Hanging ear at 600
130206 545*500 Hanging ear at 545
130204 545*600 Hanging ear at 545
130207 1200*600 Hanging ear at 1200
130208 545*500 Hanging ear at 545
130209 545*700 Hanging ear at 545

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