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8L baffle type measuring device


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Quantitative Cup


★ The dispenser is used in a new feeding system, including a bottom hanging door that can push the feed release with minimal force.

★ The feeding system, combined with this new sliding door, can maintain a stable adjustment of the total amount of feed in the batcher.

★ This type of dosing device has two inspection ports, one at the bottom and the other at the top. The top window is convenient for adding additional nutritional feed or medication, and is also easy to clean.

★ The dispenser has an additional locking function, which eliminates the possibility of cutting from other separate special places.

★ The bottom of the measuring device can be installed and fixed at four position points or directions.

★ The dosing device can be used for powder and granular materials. In humid environments, the baffle sealing structure allows for more thorough feeding, reducing the possibility of feed mold and deterioration caused by long-term storage of feed in the dead corner position of the dosing device and the adhesion of the baffle sealing structure, and avoiding the possibility of diseases occurring in pigs after consumption.

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