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American style flame retardant insulation cover

Fire rating reaches V-0 level

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Thermal Insulation


American style flame retardant insulation cover

★ All materials of this product are made of flame-retardant materials, with a fire resistance rating of V-0.

★ The supporting insulation lamp component is composed of a base (1) and a fixed lamp cover (2).

★ Place the base on the insulation cover first, then place the insulation light, and then rotate the fixed cover clockwise to the appropriate position to firmly fix the insulation light.

★ This equipment is used for heat dissipation and heating in animal farming.

★ The equipment should be fixed in a suitable position on the PVC hollow board.

★ The lampshade protective screen must not be removed.

★ The radiation range of animals or flammable materials is 600mm.

★ Do not touch the surface with heat.

★ To prevent electric shock, do not place wires, plugs, or equipment in water or other liquids.

★ Unplug the plug when not in use or before cleaning. When disassembling the infrared lamp or parts and cleaning them, it is necessary to cool them in advance.

★ Do not use outdoors.

★ Do not hang the wires on the edge of the device and do not let the wires come into contact with the hot surface of the device.

★ Do not place the equipment near hot air or electric stoves or heated ovens.

★ Electric wires should be placed out of reach of animals.

★ The heater components and radiator should be kept clean (pay attention to dust prevention).

★ The trial use of the equipment should ensure the correct installation of the sealing ring.


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