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European style insulation cover

Patent number:201630128411.9

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Thermal Insulation


When using electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock, or injury to personnel. Safety measures include the following:

This product is a patented product of our company. It is an insulation cover placed on the PVC board between the delivery bed and nursery bed, including the left cover, middle bar, and right cover. The left cover and right cover are respectively set at both ends of the middle bar. The left cover, right cover, and middle bar are fixed and connected by long bolt screws, and the position of the box can be adjusted flexibly according to requirements. The middle bar has 5 gears, and the cover is equipped with a light ring. The light hole has a rotating fixing buckle, which can be gently rotated to fix the insulation light, When the lamp is not in use, a dust cover can be installed on the lamp hole. The lamp outlet is made of flame-retardant material with the highest fire rating of V0. This product is easy to install and is not easily damaged during transportation. When placed, both sides of the box are folded, which saves space.

★ This equipment is used for heat dissipation and heating in animal husbandry

★ Do not use the device for other purposes

★ The device should be fixed in a safe location

★ The protective screen must not be removed

★ The maximum power of a replaceable infrared lamp is 250 watts. The radiation range of animals or flammable materials is: 600mm

★ Do not touch the surface with heat

★ To prevent electric shock, do not place wires, plugs, or equipment in water or other liquids

★ Unplug the plug when not in use or before cleaning. When disassembling the infrared lamp or parts and cleaning them, it is necessary to cool them in advance

★ Do not use outdoors

★ Do not hang the wires on the edge of the device and do not let the wires come into contact with the hot surface of the device

★ Do not place the equipment near hot air or electric stoves or heated ovens

★ Do not remove the protective screen when replacing the infrared light from under the infrared protective lampshade

★ Electric wires should be placed out of reach of animals

★ The heater components and radiator should be kept clean (pay attention to dust prevention)

★ The trial use of equipment should ensure the correct installation of sealing rings


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